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Volume XXXII
Winter 2018

My Generation

Love Your Age: The Small-Step Solution to a Better, Longer, Happier Life

by Barbara Hannah Grufferman

Barbara Hannah Grufferman
Barbara Hannah Grufferman

An inspiring guide to look, feel, and be your best, one small step at a time.

With both wisdom and wit, Barbara Hannah Grufferman challenges readers to take control of their lives in her new book, "Love Your Age: The SmallStep Solution to a Better, Longer, Happier Life."

Grufferman, a nationally recognized advocate for positive living, offers small, practical tips — backed by science — encouraging readers to become their best selves. With frank advice about everything from health to relationships to sex to plastic surgery, Grufferman motivates readers to stay driven and committed to achieving their personal goals. Free of hype, this book is for anyone who has ever thought:

  • I eat too much.
  • I can lose weight with exercise alone.
  • I skimp on sleep — so what?
  • It's no big deal if I miss a health check up.
  • I'm too busy to work out.
  • I don't want to tell my doctor that.
  • Winning the lottery is the secret to happiness, isn't it?

"It takes just one habit to change your life for the better," says Grufferman. "You can achieve your personal goals when you're armed with the right information and start with one step in the right direction."

Packed with expert tips, myth busters, checklists, reallife anecdotes, and sage wisdom, the book offers a new approach to life that will inspire, rejuvenate, and energize. In the second chapter titled "All Roads Lead to Fitness," Grufferman shows readers how they can incorporate fitness habits into everyday life with easy swaps (excerpt below). http://www.barbarahannahgrufferman. com/bio/

Barbara Hannah Grufferman
Author Barbara Hannah Grufferman running a marathon.
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Small Steps Towards… Your Best Bod

INSTEAD OF GIVING UP AFTER TWO WEEKS: Give it three months. Research shows most life changes take three months to become habit. This was certainly true for me. When I first started getting in shape a few years ago, I pledged to stick with my new routine — running three times a week for three months. Sure enough, in that time I saw my health, fitness, and life turn around so much that I celebrated my 55th birthday by running my first marathon!

INSTEAD OF EXERCISING FOR THE SAKE OF EXERCISING: Set a goal. No, not a weightloss goal. Keep your motivation strong by setting a new personal challenge every month or two, like running a local 5K. You'll be even more likely to stick to your training if you make your goal public, so tell everyone what you're doing — and post updates on social media to share your enthusiasm.


"Love Your Age," by author Barbara Hannah Grufferman goes on sale Feb. 6, 2018. (ISBN: 9781426218323, $19.99) Grufferman is also the author of "The Best of Eveything After 50: The Experts’ Guide to Style, Sex, Health, Money, and More," 2010.