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Summer 2016


New Reno License Plate Helps
Expand Adult Recreation Programs

The DMV created a new license plate that you can purchase for your car, truck or RV that will provide dedicated funding for Reno Parks and Recreation programs---including senior recreation programs which are open to people 50 years and older, no matter where they live.

The colorful new plate features a drawing of the Reno arch, downtown buildings, Truckee River, and blue mountain background with the slogan," Support Parks and Recreation" running along the bottom.

"This is a rare and ideal opportunity for citizens to have a direct impact on funding needed park and recreation programs in their community," said Christine Fey, Resource Development Manager for the City of Reno.

According to the DMV, it costs the vehicle owner $61 the first year to purchase the special plate and $30 each year thereafter to keep it. If a minimum of 1,000 plates are sold before December 31, 2016, $25 for each plate goes directly to Parks and Recreation programs offered throughout the City of Reno. That would bring in a minimum of $25,000. Each year thereafter, $20 per plate would go to those programs, a minimum of $20,000.

What could be done with the new, dedicated funding? Recreation centers could get more activities and programs for seniors, new fitness equipment, refinished gym floors, and new picnic or shade structures. City pools could be re-plastered. Park bathrooms could be repaired or replaced and more miles of paved trails could be built. The more plates sold, the more funding for the parks and recreation programs.

Take a trip to DMV to get your new Reno Parks and Recreation license plate. You can even personalize it! For more information, call Reno Direct at (775) 334-4636 or go to

New Nevada License Plate