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Summer 2016


Forsythe Cancer Care Centers

by Eddie Floyd


Doctor James Forsythe was a true maverick physician when other oncologists were afraid to deviate from the conventional, cookbook approach to treatment with chemotherapy. Dr. Forsythe stuck his neck out for his patients because of his dissatisfaction with his own and nationally published study results. He knew there had to be a better solution, which led him to what is now referred to worldwide as the Forsythe Cancer Care Center Protocol. This method is patented and plans are being implemented to train and certify oncologists nationwide to practice these award winning techniques.


This is not just the plan of an associated group of doctors or a high priced public relations firm. Dr. Forsythe's personal desire is shared by his staff, nurses, fellow physicians, and his patients whose lives have been extended and quality greatly improved.

Born in Detroit, Michigan and educated both in Michigan and California State – Berkeley, Dr. Forsythe also served our nation in the military. He had many experiences with MASH units in Vietnam and ended his exemplary career as a full colonel in the US Army. He was the first oncologist licensed in northern Nevada and brought awareness to the leukemia cluster at the Fallon Naval Air Station that affected the surrounding area.


Dr. Forsythe is the author and co-author of many best-selling books. His latest, "Stoned" explores the use of medicinal marijuana, and goes into detail about its use in medical practice dating back to 4000 BC. He also wrote the national protocol on the effects and proper use of Human Growth Hormone for the American Medical Association and the federal government.

Dr. Forsythe and his wife Earlene plan to have many Forsythe Cancer Care Centers in conveniently located areas to serve the greatest number of patients nationwide. The medical industry has benefited greatly from the Forsythe's and their maverick approach to looking beyond "Big Pharma", designing their own system.

Realizing that every patient is different, Dr. Forsythe performs a comprehensive series of tests and analysis that create a "blueprint" of each patient. He is then able to provide a customized treatment based on each individual's specific physiology.

The Forsythe's are excited about their unrivaled cancer eradication rates and look forward to awareness of their unique protocol spreading globally. Their goal is to have Forsythe Cancer Care Centers in locations worldwide.

Forsythe Cancer Care Center, 521 Hammill Ln., Reno, NV. His office can be reached by calling (877)789-0707, or by visiting