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Volume XXIX
Winter 2017

Good Taste

Two Chicks

Two Chics Resturant

Two Chicks located in MidTown just off South Virginia is a great restaurant for breakfast and lunch. Breakfast is their specialty but midday eating is good too.

Two Chicks is owned by Jessie Watnes and Haley Wood, two enterprising ladies with a knack for food. The MidTown location is always busy with patrons, and has plenty of seating in a family style environment. Two Chicks offers a wide range of comfort food, made with fresh ingredients and heaping servings. You will not leave still hungry.

Harvest with sausage, butternut squash, red onions, sage and jack cheese $9.99. Served with toast and sweet potato home fries, or white sweet potatoes cooked with red onions and pasilla peppers, lightly seasoned.

Two Egg Breakfast items include bacon, sausage, beef patty, steak, ham steak and pork chop. Benedicts include the classic Eggs Benedict on an English muffin topped with ham, poached eggs, Hollandaise sauce $10.49; the Salmon Bene with poached eggs, Hollandaise, red onion and dill $15.49; Veggie with poached eggs, spinach, mushrooms, grilled onion, avocado and Hollandaise $11.49 and Steak Bene which includes chuck steak, asparagus, grilled onion, poached eggs and Hollandaise $14.49.

Other specials include the Breakfast Burrito, Biscuits & Gravy, Biscuit & Gravy Combo and Butternut Squash Hot Cereal among the items served.

Two Chicks Lunch plate
Two Chicks Lunch plate with choice of two sides: salad, fresh fruit, tomato soup, cottage cheese, tomato slices or Parmesan-garlic fries.

Two Chicks also features lunch plates of melts, sandwiches and salads. The Two Chicks Burger with cheddar cheese, avocado, grilled onion, basil aioli and fried egg on Great Basin Brewing Co. icky bread $10.99 or Buffalo Chick Melt with jack cheese, chicken and blue cheese spread on sourdough $8.79 are good selections. Salads include the Big Salad with carrots, egg, onion, tomatoes, asparagus, zucchini, sunflower seeds and creamy herb dressing $7.99, add chicken $4.49; A Steak Salad $15.29, Chef $11.99, and Harvest Cobb $13.99. There are also featured Lunch Plates.

Chef Salad
Chef Salad- Mixed greens, chicken, bacon, ham, cheddar, jack cheese, hard boiled egg, carrots and tomatoes, with creamy herb dressing.

Two Chicks is located at 752 S. Virginia in the Sticks development. Open seven days a week 62 p.m. Call (775) 323-0600 or