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Volume 35
Winter / Spring 2019

The Arts

Carol Foldvary-Anderson
“Creating Beauty-Inspiring Joy!”

Carol FoldvaryAnderson

Get your ART ON!!!!!

What better time than now to think and be creative? Being artful during the winter months is relaxing, rewarding and rejuvenating. When you create from nothing, you are giving your brain a chance to dream and explore, your hands a time to work in different ways and your soul to speak and express itself.

Work of Kaleigh Surber.
Work of Kaleigh Surber.

An artist organization that has been carrying on the creative tradition since 1921 is The Latimer Art Club Reno (LAC).

The LAC is dedicated to promoting the visual arts in a wide variety of mediums from painting, to illustration, mixed media works and 3D sculptures. LAC encourages healthy interaction among fellow artists, as well as the growth and improvement of each person as individuals. LAC also supports the skill and development of local college and high school art students through the granting of yearly educational scholarships.

Born in Gold Hill, California in 1857, Lorenzo P. Latimer was a critically acclaimed landscape painter. Much of Latimer’s work was done in the field or what is known as pleinair painting. It was during these pleinair excursions in the early 20th century that the painter captured the Sierra Nevada and numerous scenes of Lake Tahoe and Fallen Leaf Lake.

Pine and Rocks
Pine and Rocks, Fallen Leaf Lake, Lake Tahoe, Watercolor by Lorenzo P. Latimer, Collection of the Brewery Arts Center.

During his trips to the Tahoe area, Latimer began teaching students in Reno, Nevada. In 1921 a number of his Reno students organized the Latimer Art Club.

Members of the Latimer Art club were instrumental in founding the Sierra Nevada Museum of Art now called the Nevada Museum of Art.

During meetings, attendees are treated to presentations/ demonstrations by artists or members of the community, as well as having the chance to enjoy the camaraderie of fellow artists.

Meetings are held six Saturdays between 1p.m. to 3 p.m. at the Moana Lane Nursery Design Center, 1100 West Moana Lane, Reno, NV 89509. Go to for the yearly schedule.

Eileen Fuller, Latimer Club President.
Eileen Fuller, Latimer Club President.

Several special meetings take place: February a Miniature Exchange, October a card exchange, in memory of Lorenzo P. Latimer’s birthday month, and in December a pot luck and ornament exchange, which is always fun.

Other activities include a varied schedule of paintouts from May through October. Members gather at locations throughout Reno and the Sierra and enjoy the company of other artists practicing their craft.

Two exhibits of members work is planned for 2019: TMCC Nourishing Body & Soul, the Annual Juried and Judged Miniature Exhibition, a statewide invitational.

Past speaker Luverne Lightfoot.
Past speaker Luverne Lightfoot.

The club welcomes new members and ideas about unique exhibit venues. Attend a meeting or contact President, Eileen Fuller to find out details.

Latimer Art Club: Phone: 775-233-4796 Eileen Fuller President

Carol Foldvary-Anderson/varyCarol Award Winning. Artist/ Designer. Arts Educator . Published Illustrator. Author. Calligrapher. Photographer. Innovator of the Oil Pastel Smudge technique.